Regulatory contribution

A specific mechanism was provided for the financing of BIPT’s activities in the field of postal regulation. These activities of BIPT are paid for by the sector, namely by the universal service provider – bpost – and the licence holders aimed at in Article 6 of the Act of 26 January 2018 on postal services. Their financial contribution is called the “regulatory contribution”.

Each year BIPT determines the budgetary elements that are required for and in proportion to the missions BIPT accomplishes in the postal sector.

In order to calculate the regulatory contribution the entities liable to the regulatory contribution communicate their postal activities turnover obtained in Belgium to BIPT each year by 30 June at the latest. It therefore does not regard their global turnover but the turnover for their postal service activities. 

Postal service activities are defined by law in Article 2 as follows:

Art. 2. For the purposes of this Act, the following definitions shall apply:

1° “Postal services” are services involving the clearance, sorting, transport and distribution of postal items. The provision of postal services by the natural or legal person sending the item is excluded from the scope of the definition;

2° “postal services provider”: any company providing one or more postal services;


The entities liable to the regulatory contribution communicate this turnover to BIPT, on their own initiative, by 30 June at the latest. 

The regulatory contribution itself comprises two components, namely:

  • The fixed regulatory contribution: 0.1% of the turnover obtained from the postal service activities of the entities liable to the regulatory contribution provided that the entity liable to the regulatory contribution obtains a minimum turnover of more than 500,000 EUR;
  • Complementary regulatory contribution: If there remains a balance to be paid, this shall be divided among the entities liable to the regulatory contribution depending on their respective turnover.

The regulatory contributions shall be deposited into BIPT’s bank account by 30 September of the year for which they are due at the latest.