Registration of parcel transporters

Do you offer parcel delivery services from and to other European Member States?

If so, you may be required to register with the regulatory body BIPT (Belgian Institute for Postal Services and Telecommunications). Below you will find to which companies this obligation applies and how you can register.

When do you have to register?

Registration as a parcel transporter is obligatory if you meet both following conditions:

  • You offer one or more intra-European cross-border parcel delivery services. Parcel delivery services include clearance, sorting, transport and distribution of parcels.
  • In the past calendar year on average 50 persons or more worked for you, involved in providing parcel delivery services in Belgium.


  • Your company is established in more than one European Member State.

This regards parcels of maximum 31.5 kg containing goods. Consequently this does not regard postal items containing only documents or postal items thinner than 2 cm. 

If you provide parcel delivery services through a platform for electronic commerce or through another alternative business model and meet the above-mentioned terms, you also need to register.

How can you register?

You can register using our online registration form: Form 

How can you change your registration?

Should your details be changed? Please let us know within 30 days. Kindly use the: Form 

How much does your registration as a parcel transporter cost?

Registration is free of charge. 

What other rules do you have to comply with? Are you under an obligation to register?

In that case a few other rules for cross-border parcel transport apply to you.